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Welcome to my Gallery of Fine Art Black and White Photographs

As I journey through this beautiful world, at times I am so struck by what I see, and the emotions that these images stir within me, that I am compelled to stop what I am doing and capture what I see. I hope that these prints, as interpretations of what I see, will stir those same emotions in you, the viewer. My work is basically landscape and cityscape photography. In speaking with other photographers that have the same passion I have for these locales, I am frequently told that it is difficult to find areas that provide opportunities for this type of photography. As I travel about capturing images my Blog page will contain information about the areas I visit. Additional photographic information along with my thoughts are also contained within the blog page. Although the photographs are mine, I could not do what I do without the help and support of my wife. Our work is a faith based ministry where our work acknowledges the one true God who created us, breathed life into our bodies, has blessed and continues to bless us with the most wonderful gifts. This ministry acknowledges Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our Lord has put on our hearts to share our many blessings and so ten percent of proceeds from our efforts will be given back to help those whom God also wishes to bless. I hope you enjoy your visit, can share my vision and will follow my journey on Facebook and twitter.

Below are videos that either I have created, or videos that I found to be informational or helpful. See more videos on my Blog Page.


This image was taken on a partly cloudy day around 2008. The image was taken with Nikon D70, 6.1 megapixel camera, with a DX crop (1.5 mm field of view crop). With a 50 mm lens with a polarizer. I also used a tripod. When this image, and the rest of the images in The Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area Gallery were taken, I was still shooting with a 4X5 camera. At that time, I had become interested in Digital photography and purchased the Nikon D70, to bring along with me on my shoots in order to do a comparison between digital and analog images. When I initially viewed the images there were a bunch of dirty sensor spots. I really did like the images but when I tried to clean them up it would grind my computer to a halt. So I just put them aside. About a month ago, when I was reviewing some older images, I ran across these and decided to work on them again. I think you will be surprised at the quality of these images. However, it does show how far we have come in image processing software. And how far I have come in equipment choice. I eventually purchased a Canon 5D which is my currant camera of choice for Landscape Photography. now that’s progress!