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A Little About Me

I am basically a self-taught photographer. Although, I have attended workshops across the US with some of the most noted contemporary Black & White fine art photographers of our day, each artist needs to learn how to create images that reveal their own unique vision to the viewer. The unique vision is something that can’t be taught. Vision is something that needs to come from the heart and soul of the artist.

Even though Photography had been my fascination since the 60’s, it was not until the early 80’s, when I developed my first roll of film and created by first black and white print, that I became hooked on Black and White Photography. Since then I have concentrated my artistic visions in that genre and photography has become my vocation. I choose the Black and White media because it provides me with the palate and the canvas to best evoke those feelings and emotions I am trying to capture and share with you, the viewer.

Along the way, I started using the Zone System and, to ensure my negatives were being processed correctly, I began developing my film in my bathroom. I eventually set up my own darkroom where I could process my film and create my own prints. Due to changes in photography over the past few years, like the loss of certain chemical and film resources and the downsizing of my living arrangements, I have transitioned almost entirely to digital cameras and formats. But, I really miss my darkroom.