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Bob Dole

2017 Southwest Photoshoot July

Week Of 07-30-2017



Sunday 07-30-17
Today we drove from Edwards, CO to Russell, KS approximately 500 miles. Pulling a trailer through the Rocky Mountains is an experience. Some of the climbs and the down hills were extreme but we made it through them all without incident. I am very impressed with our 2500 Chevy Truck. On down hills, it automatically shifts into downhill breaking by down shifting into lower gears and depressing the gas pedal releases the downhill breaking. This feature really helped us a lot in keeping the vehicles under control on the steep downhill grades. Also, the temperature gauge remained steady when pulling up the steep grades.
We stopped at the Pilot Truck stop in Denver. While there we refueled and I purchased another 12 volt extension for the air pump. Remember the original extension was broken and I tried to repair it but it kept blowing the fuse mounted in the extension so I decided to purchase a new one.
We arrived at the Triple “J” campground in the early evening. We decided to stay for 2 days to rest up. The campground was very convenient because it was right off of the interstate exit ramp.

Monday 07-31-17
We traveled about 30 miles to Russell, KS hometown of Senator Arlen Specter & Bob Dole. They have a Walmart close by in Hays, KS so we drove over after setting up the coach at our campground and stocked up on what we needed. After returning to the coach and depositing our purchases, we went into the town of Russell in search of something to eat. Afterwards, we found several old abandoned buildings and oil pump jacks. We photographed the buildings, the pumpjacks and some of the other artifacts lying about the buildings. Because we did not know if we were on private property or if the natives were friendly we used the smaller and less obvious NEX to capture these images.
After doing a little research, we found that Russell is in the middle of the Kansas Oil Fields. Back in the early 1900’s when the Kansas oil industry was booming, Russell was right in the middle of the boom. Today it costs between $15 and $25 to get a barrel of oil out of the ground in Kansas and with oil prices at $20 a barrel it is almost impossible to make money. Consequently, most of the industry has died. So the photographs we took were of the buildings and associated hardware used during those hay days.

Tuesday 08-01-17
I worked on getting the proper inflation of the coach tires. As I mentioned I did purchase a new 12 volt extension cord that plugged into the cigarette lighter (now called the accessory outlet). Well that turned out to be a disaster. The part of the extension that plugs into the lighter and the cord got so hot it could not be touched. It also blew the fuses in the extension as well as several fuses in the truck. I have decided that I need to start all over from scratch. I am going to purchase a new tire pump that works on 110. That way I can use regular extension cords that hopefully will be more reliable.
The Triple “J” campground was a very good overnight campground. Most of the sites are full hookups with 30/50 amp service. There was one men’s room and one ladies room with one shower in each. Both were clean and neat. There was no pool that I could see. There was an excellent laundry room with large washers and dryers. The campground was very quiet and there were restaurants and gas stations nearby. This is certainly a good campground to spend the night and while we were there most of the campers came in the late afternoon and were gone by noon. The management was very friendly and very accommodating.
We also made preparations for getting underway tomorrow.

Wednesday 08-02-17
We are on the road again. Heading to O’Fallon, MO. The trip is about 500 miles so we again got on the road early so we could arrive before the office closed at the Cherokee Campground. This leg of the journey was basically rolling hills most of the way. Not as exciting as the drive from Edwards, CO to Russel,l KS but a welcome change from the desert we saw so much of this summer We arrived late in the day and spent the rest of the day setting up the coach in the site.

Thursday 08-03-17
Spent the day visiting with our son’s family and playing with the grandchildren

Friday 08-04-17
Spent the day visiting with our son’s family and playing with the grandchildren. Helped with some chores around the house.

Saturday 08-05-17
Spent the day visiting with our son’s family and playing with the grandchildren



Week Of 07-23-2017

Capitol Reef

                                                                                                     Capitol Reef 

Sunday 07-23-17
Attend the morning service at the Grace Christian Church in Torrey, UT. The church members were very welcoming and friendly. The pastor David Schuh gave a very moving and informative sermon. After the service, we went to breakfast and basically took the rest of the day off. However, I did work on the Blog and reviewed photographs. For me a day is not complete unless I spend some time with God and with photography.

Monday 07-24-17
We headed out early in the morning into Capitol Reef National Park. We ventured down the Scenic Drive. We did not get far when we came upon the Gifford House. It had just opened and we found that they had just put up warm apple pies along with several other varieties. We chose an apple pie then went out to a picnic table and had breakfast.
The sky was very grey and cloudy as we continued our drive out along the Scenic Drive. For the most of what I wanted to photograph the sun was not where I wanted to be (if it was visible at all) and because it was so grey, we decided to try along Utah State Rt 24. We followed Rt 24 into Hanksville. With a few exceptions, the day was just too grey for good pictures. So decided to stop in Hanksville and have Lunch at Stans Burger Shack. The food was good but the shakes were better. On our return trip it began to rain and we were basically rained out for the rest of the day. We returned to the RV and I downloaded the images we did manage to capture.

Tuesday 07-25-17
Was rained out today. Rained off and on most of the day. We stayed in around the coach and did housekeeping choses. We extended our stay 2 days due to the weather.

Wednesday 07-26-17
It started out being a clear day but the clouds quickly moved into the area. With this type of landscape, I prefer a clear sky. In spite of the weather, I think we still got a few keepers today. Tomorrow is another day and it is supposed to be a bit less cloudy tomorrow.
Cloudy or not, it was a good day for exploring. I did take quite a few HDR photographs. I like this type of landscape captured in HDR. It gives more detail. I also I like to be able to get up close as possible to my subjects but due to some health issues extensive hiking is out. So we drive as close as possible then we walk as close as we can.
I find Capitol Reef to be a very Photographer-Friendly National Park. There are not the great hordes of people here that are at Bryce or Zion, and the landscapes are awesome. We were planning on driving the Cathedral Loop, however due to the daily storms most of the back roads are closed. So we are focusing our efforts on the main roads.

Thursday 07-27-17
Spent most of the day shooting in the Capitol Reef Park. It was mostly cloudy and grey so, after setting up, I spent quite a bit of time waiting for the sky to be just right before I snapped the shutter. We never did get to do the Cathedral Loop because of the atrocious conditions of the muddy back roads.

Friday 07-28-17
Very grey cloudy and rainy most of the day. We made preparations for getting underway tomorrow morning. I tried inflating the tires on the trailer several times but failed each time. I blew a fuse in the 12 volt extension cord several times. I am going to try purchasing a replacement extension cord while on the road. I believe I have seen them at the Piolet/Flying “J” truck stops. We use a tire minder to monitor the Trailer tires when we are on the road. The tire minder is letting us know that we need to add some air to the tires.
We were staying at the Wonderland Campground in Torrey, UT for the past 7 Days (8 nights). The campground is just outside of the Capitol Reef National Park. The campground is small and very well managed. The sites are a good size and they allow pets and have 30/50 amp full hookups. There was free WIFI with a good signal. However, it was not possible to do email from the park WIFI. I had to go to the office and use their WIFI to get my emails. The restrooms and showers were very clean with plenty of warm water. There are pull through sites, back in sites, cabins, as well as tent sites. Our site was a back in site that backed up to RT 24, which is the main road through Torrey and the main road that runs through the Capitol Reef Park. Also, there was a Philips 66 gas station and a small shopping center right across the street from the back of our site. There is a convenience store and a Subway sandwich shop contained within the gas station. Because this is a pretty remote area, that was also the only gas station for several miles around so needless to say is was a very busy station with a lot of traffic. However, after 10 PM the traffic did subside and it was no bother to us because we ran the air conditioner in the evening and that drowns out most noises. This campground was very convenient for us and our work. The campground also provided free popcorn.

Saturday 07-29-17
Today we said Goodbye to Capitol Reef and our Southwest Photo Shoot and are beginning our trek back to the East Coast. Today we drove from Torrey, UT to Edwards, CO. We did most of our packing and getting ready last night. We left early because we will be traveling about 350 miles and we want to make sure we get there in time to get to the rest area to get a parking space away from the middle of the truck parking. We do not have AC when staying at rest areas or Walmart parking lots. When we do not have AC we do not have the air-conditioning which helps drown out the sound of the Trucks Diesel engines which run all night. So, we look for parking areas where we can get as far away from the trucks as possible or maybe only have one truck on one side. The Edwards rest area was unique in that it was not actually along the highway. It was about a ½ mile off in the town of Edwards. It was Ideal for staying the night in a camper.




Week Of 07-16-2017

                                                                                                              Mystical Slot Canyon

Sunday 07-16-17
Working on moving images from the cameras to the computers and working on the blogs. Also, have been dealing with an eye issue since I was bitten in the corner of the eye by a bug while in New Orleans. That issue has been getting worse and I went to the Garfield Hospital ER in Panguitch, Utah today to have it addressed. I want to thank all of the folks at the Garfield Hospital ER for their attention and kind care.

Monday 07-17-17
We returned to Zion National Park. Decided to bypass the masses within the park and headed for the Kolob Terrace Road. According to the Park map this road will take us in and out of Zion Park and to the upper Kolob Plateau. At the end of this road is the Kolob Reservoir. The reservoir is at 8100 above sea level.
From our location, it was necessary to drive through the park in order to reach the Kolob Terrace Road. Route 9 on the Springdale side of the park also provided some excellent photography opportunities. We stopped several times along this road to capture images. When we reached the Kolob Terrace Road, we made a right and thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the reservoir. At the reservoir, we found there were several tent type camp sites right on the reservoir. We found the area to be very restful and beautiful. After a little picnic at the reservoir we headed back down to route 9.
To our eye, the morning light on the west side of the road provided the best lighting as we were traveling to the reservoir and on east side of the road when returning from the reservoir in the afternoon. There were several photographic opportunities on both sides of the road. Many of these can be shot right from the roadside or by a less than a quarter mile walk from the road.

Tuesday 07-18-17
Was rained out today. Rained off and on most of the day. Very grey and cloudy. Reviewed images.

Wednesday 07-19-17
We signed up to take a Dreamland Safari Tours photography tour of the Grand Escalante National Park. However. it rained all night and into the morning the day of the tour. The roads of the Grand Escalante Tour were washed out and dangerous and the National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings for the area. So instead of that tour, they took us on the Ultimate Kanab Tour. This tour was fabulous! We visited the Mystical Slot Canyon, The White Wave w/petroglyphs, The Coral Pink Sand Dunes, The Rosy Canyon Petroglyphs, The Dinosaur Track site, and Red Knoll. Our guide gave us plenty of time to setup and capture images as we went along. Also, although Mary Lou and I are not the best when it comes to rock climbing and hiking, our guide, Ron Camp, was very patient and very helpful in helping us over the rough spots. If we return to this area, I would not hesitate to take a tour with these folks again.

Thursday 07-20-17
Made preparations for getting underway.

Friday 07-21-17
We finished packing up and got underway from the Wilderness Ranch RV and Golf Club. Mary Lou picked this location because it was between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks and it worked out great. Another opportunity we found in this area was the Dixie National Forrest along Utah RT14. Our campsite at Wilderness was beautiful. The campsites are in the middle of a ranch with not much around but the beautiful landscape and the big sky. Our hosts were very accommodating and very friendly. There is a men’s and woman’s room but they were about a half a mile for our campsite. There is also a free washer and dryer. There are no showers at this time but the owners are working on them. The owners recently purchased the place and they are working on fixing it up after the previous owners let the propery go downhill. Being two photographers that love nature, we found this to be one of the best campsites we have had. We would definitely return here if we were back in the area.
We arrived at the Wonderland campground in Torrey, Utah in mid-afternoon. The trip was only about 150 miles. It was windy and raining off and on as we tried to setup.

Saturday 07-22-17
Finished setting up and did an exploratory run into Capitol Reef. We went to the visitors’ center and obtained maps of the area, spoke to the rangers about places to photograph and drove around the area. Can’t wait to get started tomorrow. It is really beautiful here and not extremely crowded.


Week Of 07-09-2017

                                                                                                   Bryce Canyon


Sunday 07-09-17
Was sick today and did not leave the confines of the Coach. We updated our blog post

Monday 07-10-17
Spent the day running around trying to get the materials to trouble shoot and repair the Slider and the Coach Under Liner. The closest Home Depot/Lowes type store is in Cedar City. So we drove the 54 miles into Cedar City, Utah. We purchased the materials we thought we would need then we headed back to Hatch. Still not feeling well.

Tuesday 07-11-17
All our research for this location shows that it is necessary to arrive early or late in order to have a parking space. To avoid the crowd, we were up at 4 AM to get ready to head into Bryce Canyon. Bryce is approximately 40 miles away from our campsite. We arrived just a few minutes after sun up and there were only a few people at the first few overlooks we went to. However, as the day wore on, the crowds did start to increase. There is an optional shuttle bus service to the Bryce canyon Park. The bus service starts on May 10th and runs from 9 am to 6 pm. The parking areas at the various overlooks can fill up quickly during the summer months. The shuttle staging area (restrooms, parking, and offices) is located just north of the park’s entrance across the road from Ruby’s Inn. Buses run at regular intervals with stops at Ruby’s Inn, the park’s Visitor Center, Bryce Canyon Lodge and General Store, campgrounds and at Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration and Bryce viewpoints.
Our plan was to arrive early and leave by 10 AM. So at 10 AM we took a break and had a snack. However, the park was still not very busy so we ended up staying until about 2 PM. We are planning to return another day but later in the day to catch the sunset. Below is a list of some of the viewpoints we visited and some comments. When Shooting in the morning you are basically shooting into the sun rise. This can give you some interesting reflected light amongst the Hoodoos. But I would say that depending on your eye and what you are trying to photograph, you will need to determine the best time of day for you to visit these viewpoints.

Sunrise Point – As you can guess is thought to be best photographed at Sunrise. I found it good at Sunrise to mid-morning.
Sunset Point – Again, the name says it all and it is thought to be best photographed at Sunset but for my purposes I found it good at sunrise also.
Inspiration Point – I found this good at Sunset
Brice Point – Great view each time we went. I liked it.

Natural Bridge – Shot this in the morning
Agua Canyon – Good in the early afternoon
Ponderosa Canyon – Good in the early afternoon
Black Birch Canyon – Late Morning
Rainbow Point – Morning
Yovimpa Point – Morning

Wednesday 07-12-17
Today we Photographed one small portion of the Dixie Forrest. There are truly a lot of photographic opportunities here. There is an extensive network of back roads that are passable with a high clearance vehicle. We took advantage of a few of these roads. We photographed in the morning but by about 2 PM the light was too harsh.

Thursday 07-13-17
We traveled to Zion National Park today. This was an exploratory trip because all our research indicated that driving through the park was not allowed and that folks visiting the Park had to use the shuttle bus. Actually, the shuttle bus is required for only the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The Zion/Mt. Carmel Highway (UT9), The Kolob Terrace Road and the Kolob Canyon Road are open to vehicular traffic. So we decided that tomorrow we will arrive early and take the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive Shuttle to the end and work our way back to the Visitor’s Center.

Friday 07-14-17
We were up at 4:30 AM, packed up and headed to the park. We arrived at the Zion NP around 6:30 and caught the 7 AM shuttle. We took the shuttle to The Temple of Sinawava which is the last stop for shuttles going UP the Canyon road. Then we hiked out to the point were it became necessary to wade across the creek. This area is called “The Narrows” and is a destination all in itself with many folks renting special shoes, socks and poles to make the walk. We chose to stay dry however and returned to the bus stop at this point. We stopped often and photographed. I found it difficult to photograph because of the closeness of the steep canyon walls. It was also a cloud free morning so when the sun began entering the canyon, the contrast was so great it was impossible to get the shadows.
We also stopped at the Emerald Pools and the Zion Lodge. It was latter in the day and the canyon not so narrow there so we did get to capture a few more images there. We also stopped along the Zion/Mt Carmel road and again captured a few more images. We will be returning to the Park after the weekend. We have housekeeping duties to perform this weekend.

Saturday -07-15-17
Worked on resolving issues with the coach. If you remember, when we arrived we were (and still are) having issues with the main Slider. Several of the wires controlling a slider motor were either broken or worn through from rubbing on the ground. So one of the members of the RV Park staff spliced the wires together. I ohmed out the splices and found that two of the splices had fusible links and those links were open. So I respliced those wires with non-fusible splices. I also had to tape up the areas where the insolation had worn through. I then taped up the wire bundle. Fortunately, we had the forethought to purchase a cardboard box that I used to provide a barrier between me and the rocky soil under the coach. Also working upside down was no fun.
After that repair was completed, I had to repair the under liner of the coach. We had purchased a two- foot metal bracket on Monday that would span at least two of the screws that hold the under-liner in place. The reason we purchased the bracket was because the underline had ripped out from under the screws. So we purchased the bracket and larger washers to give the repair more bite.
I also noticed that as I was making repairs water was dripping out from the under-liner. I am hoping the water is just some water that was left from condensation and not a plumbing leak. I need to keep my eye on this. Also need to find a dealer that can facilitate repairs to the coach quickly. So I will be on the phone working with Grand Design on Monday.
While I was working on the coach Mary Lou was doing Laundry. With only one washer and dryer at this camp ground, it took a while. However, there was no charge.


Week Of 07-02-2017


                                                                                          Hoover Dam Spillway


Sunday 07-02-17
We got up early and tried to go to church. I say tried because we initially put a United Methodist church into the GPS. We followed the GPS but when we got to the destination we found no church. So we put another United Methodist Church into the GPS. We followed those directions and again when we got to the destination there was no church. It’s kind of comical. We kept driving round and round the destinations and the GPS would indicate it was on the left, we saw no church so we made a U-turn then it would indicate it was on the right. Again we made u-turns over and over again thinking the church would magically appear. But no such luck. So we called off the search and went to IHOP for brunch. When we got back to the Coach we watched church on TV. Watching church on TV just doesn’t do it for me. I like being physically present with my Christian Brothers and Sisters.
I spent the rest of the day emptying SD cards, backing up files, and charging batteries….

Monday 07-03-17
Visited Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead Visitors Center. We were originally planning to do the Hoover Dam Tour and the Lake Mead Scenic Drive. However, this did not happen as the crowd at the Dam was enormous. It took us forever to get into the Hoover Dam Area. Then when we finally got up to the security check point, I was pulled out for a search of my vehicle. While I was pulling junk out of the back of my truck for the park police to review, I noticed that every truck that had a cap, a cover, or containers in the back were being pulled over for inspection while SUV’s, mini vans, small busses, and cars were allowed through. I believe if this had a name it could be called vehicle profiling. I am not offended that I get pulled over for a car or truck search or pulled out of a line and get scanned at Disney. I am offended that a few terrorists have succeeded in planting the seed of terror so deeply into our society that these types of things are necessary. Even though we say we will not give in to terrorists and let them change our life style …. we already have.
Most of the day was spent at the Hoover Dam. Trying to get into the park and then finding a parking place. Once in the park the first place we visited was the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. This bridge spans the Colorado River and joins Arizona and Nevada on US Route 93. When the bridge was build a Pedestrian walkway was created to allow Hoover Dam visitors to get a very dramatic view of the dam. We parked in the area designated for the bridge and walked up the steps to the bridge. The walk way is right next to the cars and trucks zooming along US 93. There is a very bulky divider between the pedestrians and the traffic. There were quite a few people sharing the bridge with us. Even though there was a good crowd of people, parking in this area was not a problem. I guess that’s because there is not much to do there but view the Dam then leave. Parking at the Dam itself was a different story. There are a lot of things to do and see at the Dam so people stop and stay for a while. At the time of day we were there, finding a parking spot can be difficult. There is a small parking garage but to park up close there will cost you $10.00. And, when we were there, all those spots were full. We did manage to find a parking space but it was one of the furthest from the Dam. quite a walk away. And although the walk to the Dam was OK, the walk back to the car was all up hill. And in this heat it can be extremely uncomfortable. We used the Sony NEX to capture our images today. There was no way we were going to try to use a tripod and most of my lenses for my 5DsR are not the modern anti-vibration type. Battling the crowds did eat up a lot of time so, when it came time to take the Lake Mead Scenic Drive, we thought it too late in the day to start the trip. With no other spots on our list, we returned to the Coach and stopping on the way to have dinner at a casino called Sam’s Town, which is right down the street from our RV Park.

Tuesday 07-04-17
Today is the 4th of July. We are taking a down day… It is so hot here we had an indoor bar-B-Q.

Wednesday 07-05-17
We headed back to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Our goal was to spend the day traveling along the Scenic drive. We started early and the opportunities were beyond our expectations. We really enjoyed the ride and stopped frequently to capture images. We left the visitor’s center and traveled along the Lakeshore Rd. There are several pull-overs along this road and several views of the lake from picnic areas. The Lakeshore Road intersects with the Northshore Road. We then took the Northshore Road to I-15. We found there were great landscape opportunities along both roads. I believe the better opportunities were along the Northshore Rd. What I liked about shooting here was that we did not need to hike too far off the road to get a good photo. Especially since the temperature was anywhere between 110 and 120 degrees. There was also an extreme heat warning and hiking was being discouraged. We used the NEX and the 5DsR when shooting here.

Thursday 07-06-17
Today we prepared for getting underway and tended to housekeeping issues. First, we needed to get the oil changed in the car. Because of all the towing, we are using full synthetic motor oil. I had previously made an online appointment at Fairway Chevrolet to have the oil changed at 09:30 this morning. A Fairway representative had called me back the next morning to confirm the appointment. So I arrived at Fairway Chevrolet this morning about 15 minutes before my appointment. I waited until a service writer became available. When I spoke to him he informed me it would be at least 3 hours before they could work on the truck. He stated that this type of service was on a first come/first serve basis. I said it did not say that on the web site and that Fairway had called and confirmed the appointment for 09:30 but this logic did not phase them. So, not having the luxury of 3 hours to waste, I left Fairway Chevrolet, drove a minute or two down the street, and within 1 hour I had my oil changed. THANK YOU JIFFY LUBE.
We had to take the dogs to the groomers and get them bathed. The last few RV locations had a lot of gravel and the dogs got very dirty, very fast. We took them to PetSmart where for only $25.00 a dog they did a very good job. We also went to Walmart and stocked up on consumables. Our next stop is in a wilderness ranch in Hatch, Utah which has very little in the way of convenience stores.
While packing up the Coach I noticed that there was a piece of something hanging down under the Coach. I crawled under the Coach and noticed that the bottom of the Coach had a gash in it. My assumption is that something hit the bottom of the Coach along the way. I ran out to Walmart and brought emergency repair supplies. Mary Lou and I used black Gorilla Glue tape and a can of Flex Seal to patch up the bottom of the Coach cover. What I did not know was that all the heat vents and wiring are between that cover and the Coach. I believe the patch will hold until we get home.

Friday 07-07-17
Traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada to Hatch, Utah. The campground we are leaving is the Las Vegas RV Resort. It is an 18 years of age and over (Adult Community) which has good sized pull-through sites and all sites are paved with a gravel yard and a picnic table. There is 50 and 30 amp service but there is no 110 service. The showers and baths are very clean and the water is hot. It is an animal friendly park. It was our good fortune to have one of two dog runs directly across from our unit. Unfortunately, there is no shade to speak of and with the daily temperatures between 110 and 120 the two air conditioners could not keep up. In the late afternoon, it averaged between 85 and 90 degrees with the thermostat temperature set at 77 degrees.
Here in Hatch, it is great to be out of the desert. The temperature here is in the high 80’s during the day and the mid to low 50’s at night. Great sleeping weather with no air-conditioning needed and we can be outdoors without frying. We only have 1 or two trailers with us here at the Wilderness Ranch RV Park as it is very remote and just this side of primitive. The park is very new but the owner’s are super accommodating and friendly. We were greeted at the front gate with lots of useful area information and a jar of homemade local honey.
When we arrived, our main slide did not work. I will not bore you with the whole story, but when we pulled into our site I noticed a wire hanging down from the bottom of the coach. Upon inspection, I found that the wire had been dragging on the road and that several of the conductors had been worn through from the dragging. I twisted the wires together but they apparently went to the slide because the main slide would only move about 4 inches, then stop, and would not go out any further. The slide would not go back in unless we waited a few minutes, then it would go back in to its starting position. We attempted to fix the problem for about the next 5 hours. Let me tell you, we are in the middle of nowhere with the very basic, very limited phone reception, and WIFI only at the office which is about a quarter mile away from the sites thus severely limiting our ability to contact anyone for help plus everyone from tech support from Lazydays and Grand Design had gone home. When I contacted Lazy Days I got the answering service. The answering service indicated that the emergency number was most likely transferred to them. When she called the number for me, it was in fact transferred back to the answering service. The folks at the answering service said that no one calls in to see if anyone called in on that line.
We reviewed all the manuals that came with the trailer, they were very little help. We downloaded manuals from the internet and watched YouTube videos, they were very little help. There were basically two solutions we could find. One was to disengage the motors and push the slide out manually (more complicated than advertised). And, once this is done, they don’t tell you how to reengage the motors. Even worse, it seems like something like a 2X4 would need to be jammed between the slide and the wall of the coach in order to tow the coach. So we felt # 1 was definitely a last option.
The second solution is to use the bypass mode on the controller. The first problem is the controllers are hidden. We did a lot of research in the information provided with the coach to try to find them but no luck. But while watching a YouTube video the narrator said that every time you push the slider button the board will click. So with Mary Lou pushing the button and me listening (I wanted to push the button but lost the rock, paper, scissors) we located where we thought the “click” sound was coming from. (One thing I wanted to add here is that, in our coach, when the main slider does not move out, the only way to get into the living area is to squeeze between the counter top and the overhead cabinets. During our search, I had to perform this maneuver twice. Another 5 pounds and I would not have made it.) After listening for the clicks, we finally found the slider controllers in the bathroom wardrobe/towel cabinet near the floor behind a wooden divider that was screwed to the floor. We followed the emergency operation of the controller instructions on the YouTube Video and (Thank You Lord) the slider is now out. I need to call Grand Design on Monday and see if they can tell me how to resolve the problem. Continued next week.

Saturday 07-08-17
Was sick today and did not leave the confines of the Coach