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Our First Blog


My reason for creating this website is simple. First, is to share my passion for photography by publishing my images, my thoughts, and my views on photographic progress.  And, for those interested in similar landscape and cityscape photography, I will be sharing information on my travels, insights on the subject matter and some suggestions on where you may find this or similar subject matter.

My preferred image palate is black and white.  I say preferred because I also use the color palate.  Today a photo-artist has many options and opportunities open to them.  I believe that presenting my images in black and white allows me to better communicate and share the emotion I felt when I captured the image.   I also believe that black and white photos put the focus of the picture on the captured image… not the color or other aspects of the photo which can in cases be nothing more than a distraction.

My wife (who is also my photography assistant) and I are currently planning a trip to Hawaii.  Let me just say here that I cannot emphasize the importance of having an assistant or someone with which to share your photography excursions.  Of the many photographers I have met through the years several of us have become good friends.    When I go on a photo-shoot I often contact one of them to see if they would like to come along.  A photographic shoot with others just makes good sense.  What’s interesting is we all have a different eye so we usually don’t end photographing the same things.  When photographing in the city having a partner to keep an eye on your back while shooting is important.  Often times I get so caught up in what I am photographing I lose track of my surroundings and that may not be a good thing.  Also when photographing landscape I am on trails, climbing around water falls, or in or near old buildings.  One morning when I went out on my own I was photographing an old long time deserted barn. As I was maneuvering my camera and tripod I tripped over a vine. I went down along with my camera and tripod.  Luckily neither one of us was hurt.  While I do photograph alone at times more often than not I tend to include another photographer or my assistant.  So we have been planning this trip and part of that planning is to try to find interesting areas to photograph. Our goal is to capture some great images and to share our experiences with you.  This is not my first time traveling to a different area of the country to photograph and it will not be my last.  However, I have found a lot of very interesting subject matter very close to home and plan to continue photographing there as well.  Just as the experts advise new writers to “write what you know”, l advise new photographers to look first in their own backyards for interesting subject matter.

Until recently I lived in Bucks County Pennsylvania and found a wide range of subject matter there.  I remember reading somewhere that Imogene Cunningham started her photographic career by taking photographs of her husband and then the veggies she grew in her back yard.  As we all know she eventually became known as one of our greatest fine art photographers.  I also have photographer friends that believe they need to go out west or to the widest ends of the world to get their subject matter.  My assistant and will be traveling around the US capturing images and posting them to show that there is interesting subject matter everywhere.  You just need to look for it.  Someday we may be in your backyard.  We will be posting our schedule in advance so please feel free to contact us at  If you would like to meet while we are in your area.

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