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Monthly Archives: May 2017

2017 Southwest Photo Shoot

Saturday 05-27-2017

A very windy and cloudy day. Rained off and on.  We set off between the rain drops and found a few locations in Welfare Texas along Hein RD, Cravey RD, and Waring Welfare Road.  It was very windy so I am not expecting the HDR photos to come out.  I did take a few with the NEX I have better hopes for them.

Welfare Café and Goat Barn seems to be one of the few commercial buildings left in Welfare, TX.  It is a small café but mostly an event venue for weddings and such.  In fact, they were preparing for a wedding the day we were there.  But the wait staff was very welcoming and helpful in allowing us to go into the gardens to take all the pictures we wanted.  We got butterflies, old out buildings, bottles and old farm equipment plus lots of flowers and potted plants.    

When we left, we only got a bit down the road, taking pictures all along the way, before we decided we were hungry.  So we went back to the Welfare Café to sample some of their scrumptious appetizers;  bacon wrapped shrimp, potato cakes and homemade pimento cheese and crackers.  All three were so delicious!!!!____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Friday 05-26-2017

Today we traveled from Bertram TX to Boerne TX (pronounced Bur-nee).  It was a short tow and took us only a few hours.  The GPS took us on local roads and one thing we discovered about Texas is there is a lot of land and not so many people.  We spent the rest of the day unhooking and getting situated in our new location.

On our way to this new location we followed up with Explore America in Borne TX. and arranged to have the recall fix for our trailer completed before we moved on to Big Bend.  The Service Manager, Ray Casey, was very accommodating and worked with Grand Design to have the recall parts expedited to his location,  

Our new campground gives us a great view of the area called the Texas hill country.  In fact it is called “Top of the Hill”.  We usually pick locations that put us in the middle of the area we would like to photograph just in case the weather turns bad and we have only a few brief periods to get out.  This one turned out to be perfect! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thursday 05-25-2017

Today we spent the day at Inks Lake State Park in Burnet Texas. Burnet Llano Inks Lake State Park sits on the east edge of the Llano Uplift, the geologic heart of Texas. It has some of the best views of pre-Cambrian (more than 600 million years old) geology in the state. With the park is a lake with blue water, colorful rock outcrops. The pink rock islands jutting up through the limestone in the park are metamorphic rock called Valley Spring gneiss (“nice”). This gneiss is often mistaken for Town Mountain granite since they have similar color and texture.

There is a road that runs for about few miles that leads to the park entrance.  We did find several interesting places to photograph on our way to and from the park entrance.  There was a small bridge that crossed over a stream that provide to be very nice.  There was not very much traffic on the road that day so I took a few shots from the bridge.  It gave a great perspective

We found the landscape in the park to be quite interesting.  The day we were there is was very windy.  I did try to capture several landscape shots but there was a lot of blurring on the 5D HDR photos.  However, some of the NEX photos taken with SCN Landscape selection look like they may be OK.   

We spent the evening packing up and preparing to leave San Antonio  


Wednesday, 5-24-2017

Spent Wednesday morning on the phone with the credit card company again.  It took several hours of discussion and follow up on the internet to finally get things straightened out.  After our latest discussions with the bank we went to visit the local distillery in Bertram, Flanigan’s by name.  They serve a light lunch there also so we split a patty melt and did a local wine tasting.  The wine was very good with some unusual ingredients and a very good taste.   The bar was very non-descript on the outside but the inside was made to look like a 30’s hotel lobby.  It was redone that way to shoot some scenes from the movie “The Newton Boys”. 

We than drove around some of the back roads around Bertram but due to the shoulderless roads and the speed limits of 60 and 70 miles per hour we had to bypass many of the opportunities or risk being run over, however we did find a few good spots and took advantage of the opportunities when they came up. 

Then we headed off to RT 2341.  We were looking for Spider Mountain but could not find it.  Instead we ended up at the Canyon of the Eagles Resort.   We found it to be a good place to photograph.  If you want to stay more than an hour then you will need to pay a daily fee unless you decide to stay at the resort.  Also, the couple miles of road just before the Canyon of the Eagles has very good photo opportunities.  It was very windy when we were there.  It was also flooded and the flooded areas were very picturesque.

We ate dinner in Burnet at “Mama’s Home Cooking”.  Again, as in most restaurants we have found in Texas, the portions are humongous.  Mary Lou ordered a child’s plate and still couldn’t finish it.


 Tuesday 05-23-2017

After breakfast at the Good Crazin’ Café in Bertram this morning, we spent most of our time on the phone trying to fix issues.  I was on and off the phone almost all day with my web host trying to get my 403 forbidden issues resolved.  This problem has been going on for months and every time I called I was told there was not an issue or they could find no problem. Finally, after speaking to about a half a dozen agents across 2 different organizations, someone was able to discover a code issue and fix the problem.   It is very frustrating when folks don’t believe you or when they fail to recognize a problem.  I think some call centers are only interested in closing calls and moving on rather than spending the necessary amount of time with a customer in order to resolve the problem.

Then we got a notice of an emergency recall on our travel trailer.  Of course, we are a thousand miles away from home and we are trying to find a dealer that will help us by fixing the recall.  Our next stop is San Antonio and I am contacting dealers there in hopes that someone can help.

Then to top it off our credit cards have been cancelled.  We got on the phone with our credit card company and they said they fixed the issue but when we were finally able to go to dinner last night we found they were still not working.  So we will be spending time on the phone tomorrow trying to get the credit card and travel trailer issues resolved. 

Went to a very popular restaurant in Liberty Hill tonight for dinner called Dahlia’s.  The portions were humongous.  Guess everything in Texas is BIG.


Monday 05-22-2017

Back to the Good Grazin’ Café for breakfast (it’s the only restaurant in Bertram for breakfast) we spent the day traveling around the Texas Hill Country.  We decided to head out to Luckenbach Texas and work our way back to our RV Park.  However, on our way out we came across the LBJ Ranch (there is both a State and a National Park) in Stonewall TX.  LBJ was born in a little house on the ranch, used it as his Texas White House during his presidential years and he and Lady Bird along with all his siblings are buried on the ranch in a little tiny family plot.  We decided to stop.  We found the State park to be an excellent place for photography.  There was a restored 1800’s house and barn along with some great landscape opportunities.  The folks in the farm area were in period dress and very friendly.  There were also farm animals and wild turkey wondering around the grounds. There was a herd of Texas Buffalo but they were off behind 2 fences so we did not get an opportunity to photograph them.

Not as much photographic opportunity at the national park as you can only take pictures outside of the residence.  However, it was terribly interesting.  Neither of us knew very much about LBJ before this tour.  He was a very different man I think than the public persona shown to the world.  Very complex.

All around the hill country there are vineyards and wineries. Some of the vineyards make for excellent landscape subject matter.  Our route to Luckenbach took us past several vineyards which could be photographed from the road.  However, extreme care must be taken when shooting from the roads in Texas.  The speed limits on the back roads can be as high as 75 MPH with no shoulders or guard rails.  It’s much safer to pull off into a winery and take your photos from a safe place.   There are so many wineries here that it is reminiscent of California’s Napa and Sonoma Valley areas. 

Luckenbach Texas is a very interesting place.  I was expecting a town with a classic main street setting and a bunch of stores.  Not so.  It is just a place where people go to enjoy country music and each other.  The official population is noted as 3 but I think that may be overblown.

We purchased a couple of Stetsons so we would feel like “real” Texans.



                              Luchenbach TX

                                      LBJ Ranch



Sunday 05-21-2017

Today we went to the United Methodist Church in Bertram TX.  The church members and Pastor Roberta were very warm and friendly.  It’s great to meet folks like these when you are on the road.  If you ever happen to get to Bertram Texas and you are there on a Sunday morning I highly recommend going to the First United Methodist Church in Bertram.  The cookies and coffee after the church service were delicious.  After the church service, we headed into Austin and spent the rest of the day at the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center.  We found it to be a great place for photography.  We have been to arboretums and the like that were not very photographer friendly but the wildflower center was very welcoming to photography.  There are a few very interesting buildings here and fields of flowers wooded areas and small gardens.   This is a good place to come to for an introduction into the Texas Hill Country and a lot of Hill Country can be obtained from here.

I would not say it was crowded but there was a substantial number of people in the center so I brought my Monopod and used my NEX-7.  The NEX is much smaller than the 5 D, less obvious and is easier to use when there are crowds.  My Monopod also doubles as a walking stick.  So the small camera and a walking stick do not attract that much attention.

Had lunch in the café at the Center.  It was unexpectedly delicious for the venue.  Salads and soup and some very good tea.  The portions were even reasonable.  Very nice surprise!


Saturday 05 -20-2017

Today we Left Houston TX(Katy) and traveled to Austin TX.  The Katy Lake Campground was delightful.  Nice small lake concrete drives and sites.  There are small grass spaces between the sites and there are no trees or bushes.  Good laundry facilities, clean restrooms, showers, and facilities.  There is a dog run and facilities to bath dogs and a blow drier.  There is free coffee at the clubhouse in the mornings and free coffee and Donuts on Saturday mornings.  It was also convenient to shopping and restaurants.  We are sorry to be leaving it and our friends behind. 

Trying to find a place to stay in Austin proved to be an unexpected chore.  Because we kind of flow from place to place we do not make reservations too far in advance.  As a matter of fact, we usually make them only a few days in advance.  For some reason, most of the camp grounds around Austin TX were full.  Many with full timers.  We ended up calling 25 campgrounds before we found one that had available space for the dates we wanted.  So, we were lucky to get into the Brooks Mill RV Park in Bertram TX.  Bertram is about 30 miles North West of Austin. The campground was small but quiet and friendly.  The office was in a building built in the 1840’s.  This is called the hill country of Texas and it lives up to its name.  We hope to get wildflower photos while we are here.  The rest of the landscape is also beautiful.

The roads between Houston and Austin were much better than the roads between NOLA and Houston.  We plan on staying here about 5 days.  We stopped in a store called Buckee’s along the way.  Apparently,  they are quite the rage in Texas.  And like all things Texan we are finding, it was HUMONGOUS!!!!  It has to have contained every known variety of food in the United States. 

The biggest surprise we saw on the way was the LBJ ranch and its surrounding countryside.  More on this later.


Friday 05 -19-2017

Today we I spent most the day working on the web site.  I think I need to spend a lot more time playing with my site so I can learn more on what I need to do to manage it.  I also worked on an image in Photoshop.  Sometimes you get an image that you feel could be very interesting but no matter what you do to it, you just can’t get it to be what you saw in your mind when you captured the image.  I think that is what I was trying to do with this image.  We shall see……   

I also did some initial getting ready for tomorrows trip to Houston.   I try to do some of the getting ready the night before and that way we can get away quicker in the morning.  Of course, I need to do all the setup work when we get to the other end.  There is no getting around that.  I do the outside and Mary Lou does the inside….division of labor. 

We were supposed to have left Katy this morning for Austin but we spent an extra day.  We’ll be pulling out in the morning.


Thursday 05 -18-2017

Really a down time day today.  I worked on pictures and the website and blog and Mary Lou caught up on things around the trailer.   And she caught up on the laundry.  Funny how these things just seem to pop up.  It was like where did that big pile of dirty clothes come from…..   Fortunately, this camp ground has a very nice laundry room (if there is such a thing) so it went smoothly.  Didn’t even need our hoard of quarters as the washers and dryers were paid for by credit card.

The only negative in our stay (and we were very surprised) was the wind.  Every day was really, really windy.  Made taking pictures somewhat difficult some days.  We just didn’t realize the wind blew all the time in Texas.    

Ate leftovers for dinner and turned in early.  We are sooooo boring sometimes…..  LOL


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Well I worked with the Dish people again this morning and finally got the dish up and running.  The Dish people told me that the Tailgater had to be connected to the back of the receiver and would not work if I ran it through the travel trailer wiring.  So, I did what they said and connected the Tailgater directly to the receiver.   However, once the dish got up and running and after I hung up with tech support, I reconnected the receiver through the travel trailer wiring and it is working fine. I don’t know if it will work that way on all travel trailers but, I am glad it is working fine on ours. 

I was having problems connecting to my web site at the campgrounds.  As a result, I have been using my phone as a hotspot.  Then I was running out of data on my phone so I had to up my data plan to unlimited otherwise I would not be able to connect to the internet. 

I was working on my web page but then began getting forbidden error messages.  I called IPAGE tech support.  They told me to try different browser.  I did but kept getting the same errors.  Then they told me to erase the browser cache.  I did that and that seemed to work.   

I am using a product called WordPress.   The issue I have is that I am not a web programmer and I am trying to manage my web page myself.  However, whenever I have a problem, and 95% of the time it is a problem with WordPress, and I call IPAGE they tell me they cannot help.  So yesterday I worked most of the day trying to make changes to the website.  I was able to complete two changes without making things worse.  But I’m really afraid to do much moreConnected with our friends this evening and went to a very nice seafood restaurant called Babins for dinner.   

The food was delicious and the portions were definitely Texas sized.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Finished packing up and left NO headed for Katy, TX outside of Houston.  The ride from NOLA to Houston took us along I-10.  I-10 was a VERY bumpy ride.  There were a few places were the road was paved but most of the ride was on concrete and we felt every expansion joint.  It took us longer than expected to get here because we had to go slower than the posted speed limit.  Even though in some places the speed limit was 75, we could not go over 65 MPH because of the road condition.  The we ran into a major traffic jam going through Houston. 

We stopped at the Texas welcome center to use the restrooms and we found that the rest area has a boardwalk out over a swamp.  We spent a few minutes there but needed to get on our way because we did not want to arrive after dark.  

Got into the campground in Katy about 6 PM.  Lovely little campground in the middle of a residential area off !-10.  All pads and roads are concrete and the size is walkable from the laundry/shower area or the front office.  Close to shopping and dining.  Our plan is to stay here just a couple of days to connect with a couple of old friends we haven’t seen in a while.   


Monday, May 15, 2017

Today we were going to go back to St. Louis cemetery #2 in New Orleans but instead we went to the Metairie Cemetery.  Jefferson Davis used to be buried in this cemetery but they moved him to a cemetery in Virginia.   There are several cemeteries located at the end of Canal street.  We chose this cemetery in hopes of finding one of Mary Lou’s relatives she thought might be buried there, but we had no luck finding her.  The cemetery did provide a us with tons of photo opportunities.   I took about 300 photos but could have stayed there for a week, and that was just one of the 4 cemeteries that are in that area. I brought my tripod but did not use it because it would have taken me all day just to capture a few images.  This cemetery has an older section and that is where we focused our efforts.   In this section, the graves are very close together so getting a tripod in a lot of the spaces just would not work.  So, I did it all by hand.  I used aperture priority for some of the shots and auto for others.  My aperture was set to f16 at an ASA of 100 making for a very slow shutter speed. I have seen advertisements for a device looking like a rifle grip. It gives 3 points of contact and would probably be a good tool for this type of shooting situation.  I have not looked at the images but I tried to hold the camera steady…. We shall see….

We also took a few photos of buildings in the area.  There was an abandon bank building as well as a few manufacturing sites that I thought would have good results.  The one thing I noticed that there are still homes that are still in bad shape after Katrina.  I am thinking of maybe making a return trip and focusing on those homes.

We spent the rest of the day and the evening getting ready for our departure tomorrow morning.  The longer you are in one spot the more comfortable you get and the more you spread out all your things to make them more accessible. We plan on pulling out tomorrow around 9 or 10 am.


Angel of Grief


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Today is Mother’s Day and Took Mary Lou out to Brunch to celebrate.  The campground has a bar and restaurant on premises.  It was a lovely meal.  Today is a work from home day.  We will be working on trailer and Photography projects. 

We are working on our Dish TV hookup.  But in order to hook up the Dish box I needed to gain access to the back of the TV which is mounted flush against the wall with no way of seeing behind it.  I searched the internet for how to release the TV with no luck.  Then called Grand Design (the manufacturer) but this being Mother’s Day and a Sunday, they were not available.  Also, I went through all the literature provided by the manufacturer and could not find any instructions on how to remove the TV.  However, I did find out how to remove the TV from its bracket on my own.  Once I did that the rest was very easy. The TV in the living area is on a vee mount.  It simply slides into the vee.   If you place your hands on either side of the bottom of the TV and lift, the TV will come up and lift away from the wall.  So we got the Dish hooked up but kept on getting various errors.  A few times it looked like it was going to come up but no luck.  We got Dish on the phone and still could not get it working.  So I put that project back on the back burner and will work on it again at a future stop. 

 I reviewed all my blog entries from the past week and tried to move them up to the web page I had several images attached but I could not get them to move up with the text.  I will call the web provider and see if it is possible to attach images. 

We also copied the images we captured over the past few days up to the computer and also to a backup thumb drive.  You just can’t have too many backups.


Saturday 5/13/2017
Yesterday’s initial experience with Uber went so well, we decided to go that route again today. Well. since this is our 3rd day exploring the city, I think we finally have our bearings in getting around the French Quarter. We did quite a bit of walking over the past 3 days, even though we found that the French Quarter is really quite a small area, only 7 blocks by 13 blocks. And the blocks are short blocks. During our walk today, we found a Fine Photography Gallery at 241 Chartres Street. The name of the gallery is the “A Gallery for Fine Photography”. The gallery had a collection of classic fine art photographers such as Jan Sauder, Berenice Abbot, Jock Sturgis, Youssef Karsh, Ansel Adams, Helmut Neuton, etc. as well as the work of some contemporary local photographers such as Richard Sexton, Maggie Taylor, Birney Imes, Eugene Smith, etc. Most of the images in the gallery are in Black and White (my most favorite photography format). Viewing the work of other photographers is very exciting to me. I love to see their perspective on things and I love the feelings that are invoked in me when I view other photographers work.
We finally got to St. Louis Cemetery #1 this morning. It is a Catholic cemetery and is managed by the Archdiocese of New Orleans. It used to be free to access this cemetery, however, due to vandalism, the only way to view this cemetery is with a tour guide. We went into Basin Street station early this morning and signed up with a guide for the tour. However, I later found that I had failed to re-insert an SD card in my camera after my file back-up this morning. So, because of my failure to properly check out my equipment before we went out on a shoot, I had to do a re-do of the cemetery later in the day. Fortunately, we connected with a very nice independent tour guide who charged us a minimal amount to do the tour over. Thank you, Ashley.
There are three St. Louis cemeteries within a few blocks of one another so we took a walk to St. Louis cemetery #2 # 3. I believe, from my eye, # 2 is more photographic than cemetery #1. Although this cemetery is also a catholic cemetery and belongs to the Archdiocese of New Orleans, you can explore it on your own, unguided and free of charge for as long as you like. A little off the beaten path but well worth the 3 to 4 block walk. 
We had to leave # 3 unexplored for now as closing time came very quickly. We headed back to Basin street station where we contacted Uber for a ride home and chilled out with pizza for the remainder of the night.

Image From Cemetery #1 NOLA 


Friday 5/12/2017

Decided to go in to the Quarter a little earlier today so we got an Uber ride around 8:30. The shuttle at the campground doesn’t make its first run until 10 AM. We ate breakfast at the famous Mother’s restaurant. Jim had the “debris” which is the drippings and meat scarps from a roast beef. He said it was really good but very filling.
The idea was to get in to town in time for one of the first tours that day of St. Louis cemetery # 1 but just as we were about to buy tickets the heavens opened up and we had a huge downpour. The rain fell in buckets and the wind blew like crazy for almost an hour. So we sat in the hop-on, hop-off main station and kept nice and dry. Saw a movie about New Orleans, did a bit of shopping and kept dry.
Afterwards, things were a bit soaked (including the hop-on buses) so we took a dry one (hard top) to the Mardi Gras float plant to look around and do the tour. The way they decorate those floats is just behind the scenes look at an important part of New Orleans life.
It was about time for coffee break so we took the bus back to Decatur Street and had Biengnets and coffee at another restaurant called Café Biengnet to do a taste comparison with the Café Du Monde. Du Monde wins hands down.
Our little feetsies were worn to the bone so we Ubered back home to our comfy recliners, ate chili mac from the fridge and settled down for the night.

Thursday 5/11/2017
Today, I was surprised to see that in the wee hours of the morning a statue of Jefferson Davis was removed from NOLA. The news stated that another statue was already removed and there are two more statues that are planned to be removed. Apparently, there was a lot of controversy over these statues. I haven’t really given a lot of thought to civil war statues. I know there has been controversy over the flying of confederate flags but have heard nothing about the statues and monuments. What are your thoughts on this?
Today we finally made it into the French Quarter for some exploring. We took the shuttle in from the campground (only $12.00 roundtrip for both of us) and had breakfast at the Café Maspero at the corner of Toulouse and Decatur Streets. Afterward we got on the hop-on, hop-off bus and rode the full route. It takes about two hours and covers most of the Quarter, the garden district and the central business district. The ride gave us a good idea of what there was to photograph and a good working plan of the area. I am using my Sony NEX7 here. It is equipped with an 18 to 200 mm lens. The camera is very compact, light, and I don’t need to change lenses. This is a “C” format camera with a 24 MP sensor and it also has image stabilization, so I can produce very large images with the output of this camera.
We walked through the French Market and flea market and had biengnets and coffee at the Café Du Monde. We followed up with more exploring, photography and dinner at the famous Pierre Maspero’s. This restaurant used to be the largest slave market in the Quarter. On the way there we stopped to rest for a while in front of St. Louis Cathedral. A gentleman there was drawing sketches of those around him, just people watching. But he said he saw Jim was a photographer so he made a sketch of us and came over and nicely presented it to us. It was such a lovely gesture.
A little more exploring and shopping and the shuttle ride home rounded out our night. We settled in for the night with all the pets and rested our tired feet.
Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday 5/10/2017
Today was a down day for us. We slept in in the morning then did some work around the trailer. Since the water had a little odd taste to it, I moved the filter from the faucet end of the hose to the trailer end of the hose and that fixed the problem. I guess it was picking up some taste from the hose itself, although the hose I have is a special white hose that is not supposed to add any flavor to the water. I am thinking I have had this hose for several years so maybe it needs replacing. I also drained the holding tanks. They were getting full. I don’t think I drained them after our initial towing. I always like to tow with some stuff in the tanks. The sloshing is supposed to help keep them clean. I also put a couple additional cranks on the jacks. We are sitting on gravel here and the things that are supporting the jacks can settle. I also did some house work and we went shopping.
I tried several times to upload my notes into a blog on my site but am having problems connecting in the camp ground. I am thinking it is going to be necessary to use my phone as a router. Eventually that is going to lead me to a need for a larger data plan from Verizon. I LOVE technology! We also made a Walmart run to pick up a few things. I purchased a tube of clear silicone. On our way here the molding on one side of the trailer came out. My plan is to place some clear silicone in a few spots in hopes that this will keep this from happening again. However, I am going to wait to see if it happens again before I apply the silicone. I am hoping it was just a freak thing that happened.
Finished the day with some TV and a light supper.

Tuesday 5/09/2017
Today we drove approximately another 350 miles from Marianna FL., to New Orleans, LA. We stopped at the Alabama welcome center and rest stop and to our surprise they were having a vendor fair. While there, we not only got a state map but we also dined on shrimp and grits, peanuts, pecan cheesecake pie, and Zeigler smoked sausage and hot dogs. We also got a lot of information about Mobil and met a lot of nice people. The experience was so good that we are thinking about returning to Mobile, AL for a longer look around.
We arrived in New Orleans late this afternoon and are staying at the Pontchartrain Landing camp ground. We have a very nice pull through site and are only a few feet from the lake. We have a view of an old paddle wheeler right across the channel from where we are staying. The campground has about 130 sites and a lot of amenities. There is a restaurant and bar with a view of the lake, a store, hot tub and pool. There is also transportation into the French Quarter. Spent the last few hours setting up the trailer because we are going to stay here for a week. We are going to visit the onsite restaurant and bar after I take a shower. I am beat. I think more from the push of getting everything together before we left than form the trip. Tomorrow will be a down day for us.

Monday 5/8/2017
We have begun our 2017 photography quest. We are heading to the southwest this year. We have been preparing for the past several weeks. Our photo family consists of my beautiful wife (who is also my photography assistant and girl Friday), our two Welsh Pembroke Corgis, Murphy and Guinness, and our two finicky cats, Lightning and Patches. As you can guess, getting ready for a trip with this crew is quite an event.
We purchased a different travel trailer and tow vehicle this year so we had to spend a few weeks preparing ourselves and the vehicles for the trip. We had one short test trip this year and found several issues that needed to be addressed before we left. They were all minor and I addressed most of them before we left for our journey. The others I will address as we go along and have time to address them. We left about 8AM this morning. Our route took us North on RTE 75 then West on RTE 10.
The trailer, hitch, and tow vehicle combination works very well. We have an Imagine 2950 RL trailer, a Chevy 2500 pickup truck and a Hensley hitch. Our last towing combination did not work well. There was a lot of sway, thus the purchase of the Hensley hitch. The Hensley hitch did ease the sway to a satisfactory level but did not eliminate it. However, with the current combination we have no sway.
Today we drove 350 miles from our home in New Port Richey FL., and are spending the night in the Alliance Hill campground in Marianna. FL. This campground is about 8 miles off I-10. It is a boutique, 55+ campground with only about 15 sites right now although an additional section is planned for construction very soon. Although there is no store, at this time, on property, there is a small pool and a well-appointed clubhouse with clean restrooms, showers, a comfy lounge area with a big screen TV, kitchen area, craft area and a large, well-equipped laundry area. The campground is partially wooded with a dog run and lots of walking trails plus the owner is very nice and friendly. There is no planned photography for this stop but I always have a camera on my hip so if I see anything interesting I will capture it.
Tomorrow we push on to New Orleans. We plan on capturing cityscapes and landscapes during our stay there.